Trio - Pte 12585 - John Evans, 7th Leicesters,  Pair - Pte 15632 - Alexander Macintosh, 7th Leicesters

Both Killed in action 30/01/16. War diary reads - Bienvillers sector 'at stand to in the evening a man of group 'I' was found to be missing, a patrol of 4 men and a nco went out to search for him, about three quarters of the way across to the German wire a very large German patrol was encountered, they opened fire and our patrol retreated but one man was shot through the heart, they later recovered his body.
There are only 3 Leicesters on CWGC who died this day, the other being Bertie Clark who died of Meningitis (service record) so Evans was the man that was missing (Thiepval Memorial) and Macintosh the man in the patrol who was shot through the heart and body  recovered, (Bienvillers Cemetery).
Both medal sets purchased years apart and a lucky chance opportunity to place together.

Pte 8361 - Silas Stevenson, 1st Leicesters

 Killed in action 15th September 1916, the first day battle of Flers-Courcelette and the first day that tanks were used in battle.
Silas was from Quorn in Leicestershire and his grieving mother had this mourning plaque made.
Silas is buried in Serre road No:2 cemetery.

Pte 33141 - Ernest William Tooley, 8th Leicesters

Died of Wounds 25th November 1916, age 21
Ernest landed in France on the 3rd November with the 5th Bedfordshire regiment, No6567, upon arrival he transferred  to the Leicesters, joining the 8th battalion on the 16th, he was wounded just 7 days later whilst in front line trenches in the Hohenzollern sector, the trenches were heavily shelled, succumbing to his wounds 2 days later
Buried - Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery

Pte 6505 - Frederick Shrubb, 2nd Leicesters

Killed in action - 25th September 1915, age 27, the first day battle of Loos and the first time the British used gas in ww1.
6am - attacked under cover of a smoke barrage, held up against the uncut wire, held out until 4.30pm when ordered back, 20 officers, 430 NCOs and other ranks were casualties.
Frederick served from 1902, declared underage at 14 and 4 months, height - 4 ft 9 & 1/2 and 82 pounds (under 6 stones)

Pte 28037 - Oswin William Smith, 1st Leicesters

Killed in action - 5th July 1917, age 29
Battalion at Philosophe, France - in the front line trenches, 'usual trench routine, casualties - B coy, 1 wounded, C coy, 1 kia (Oswin) 1 wounded'
In a card I have from Oswin to his wife he says "I am writing this in the YMCA, they have fixed one up here, kiss the bab for her daddy, hoping you have better weather at Cosby, from Oswin with love and kisses" a poignant set

Pte  9662 -Frederick William Bunn, 1st Leicesters

Framed 1914 Trio with clasp and rose to a old contemptible, Frederick enlisted Feb 1913, to France Sept 1914, discharged 31st December 1915, badly wounded. Battalion were at Wieltje in December 1915, on the 19th the Germans used gas and also laid down a furious bombardment using 4.4" and 8" shells, also heavy shelling on the 20th/21st, from the 18th to 21st, casualties were 9 kia, 7 died gas, 19 wounded, 88 suffering from gas, 4 sick, 5 missing, I assume Frederick was wounded at this time.
In the newspaper clip it mentions Frederick was one of the soldiers who played football with the Germans in the Christmas lull of 1914, the battalion were in the trenches at 'Rue Du Bois' La Grande Sector, Frederick survived the war and died in 1967.

Pte 7521 - James Bolesworth, 1st Leicesters

Killed in action 15th September 1916, age 30, first day battle of Flers - Courcelette. war diaries note advance of the tank about 5.50 am which fired into the German trenches, enemys machine guns had no effect. Attacked 6.20a, 'B' and 'D' coys advanced followed by 'C'and 'A' - immediate machine gun fire from the enemy line, held up by strong wire net, withdrew.
One of 3 brothers to fall in the great war, all with the Leicesters, from Hinckley, one brother - Sydney,  aka 'Togo' was the regiments finest boxer and a DCM winner, read a little more here -
William Buckingham VC also fell in this action.

Pte 25828 - Frederick York - 1st Leicesters

Killed in action 15th September 1916, same war diary as above for Bolesworth.
Not only was William Buckingham VC, killed in this same action, same regiment and battalion but York and Buckingham were actually from the same village of Countesthorpe so must of been well known to each other, maybe good friends. 
The brass 'in loving memory' plaque resides in the local church, the photo courtesy of John Taylor

Pte Harold Leslie Beail - 46656, 12/13th Northumberland Fusiliers. Formerly 16227 - Leicestershire regiment

Killed in action -29th May 1918 Age 20 , Son of Nathan and Louisa Beail of 17 Crofton St, Leicester. Harold was killed at the Battle of the Aisne at the Chemin Des Dames, casualties from 27th - 29th were 18 officers and 493 other ranks, SDWG has 'died' soldiers effects has 'presumed dead' the fact was that many men killed on the 27th and missing were given the date of the 29th by CWGC, remembered on the Soissons Memorial.

Two medal trios, plaques, dog tags etc to brothers -                     Pte 1804 - John Nahum Elliot, 1/5th battalion, KIA- 2nd May 1915m battalion were at Locre and were heavily shelled, Johns brother William was close by when he was wounded and wrote to his mother that John was doing his duty when he fell and only lived for another few minutes, William placed a cross on Johns grave. Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery.             Pte 12323 - Enoch Elliott, 2nd battalion died of disease - 6th May 1916 at Mesopotamia - Amara war cemetery. Two other brothers also served with the Leicesters - William- 1182 & 240046 and Joseph Henry - 5713, 1st battalion, also served Boer war. Family from Loughborough.