A family portrait, a father and 9 sons maybe, one is serving with the Leicestershire Yeomanry and the other with the Leicestershire regiment, it would be great if someone recognises this large family to finally put a name to the photo.

A cheeky looking young soldier, photographer, Frank Sproston, Hinckley Rd, Leicester, pic 101

This Tiger has a good conduct stripe and a wound stripe on his sleeve, I have seen another card with the same chair, taken in Melton Rd, Oakham, Thanks to Sharron Hibbitt.  pic 102

This soldier has a Drummers sleeve badge, a black sash and also a Union Jack badge on the side of his cap,
pic 103

Another framed image, pic 104

A 2nd Lt Territorial officer, interesting that the older chap wears a GR armband - General Reserve,  pic 105

8th Battalion? looks like a green patch on the collar,  pic 106

I have another card of this man and he has a 9th battalion patch on his collar pic 107

Another card I have of this soldier he has a 6th battalion patch on his collar pic 108

6th battalion black collar patch, new walk, Leicester photographer,  pic 109

Territorial, Loughborough photographer, pic 110

**IDENTIFIED** Arnold Davis, 49144, 7th Bn, KIA 11/9/18, age 19, thanks to the regimental website.      pic 111

Territorial, Leicester photographer 
pic 112

Who is this gloomy looking couple? A Heawood & Co, Hinckley card. pic 113

A Hull & Ripon card so poss 3rd (reserve) battalion as they were stationed there from 1915 for the duration of the war,  pic 114

A Granby street, Leicester card,
 pic 115

2nd Battalion? pic 116

Territorial with boyish looks, pic 117

Fantastic group wearing 8th battalion sleeve patches, pic 118

Another 8th Battalion with arm patch,
pic 119

From Jack and Chris,
 Jack and Chris who?
 pic 110

Another soldier in camp, pic 121

A Grimsby photographer, poss 3rd battalion?  pic 122

Thwaites of York photographer,
 pic 123

Territorial, pic 124

"From your loving sweetheart, Reg" A territorial, pic 125

A New Walk, Leicester photographer, soldier had a LG - Lewis gun badge and a Marksman badge on his sleeve, 
pic 126

pic 127

 "To mother, with love Frank" who is Frank, pic 128

Alan Rufford, Nottingham photographer, pic 129

On the reverse - Mrs Brown, 23 ?? Photographer of Ashington, Northumberland,              pic 130

Lovely image of the soldier wearing the winter cap, known as the 'Gor blimey' cap, pic 131

Nice group pic to feast your eyes over, recognise any of these fellas? 
Pic 132

Pic 133

Pic 134

Clear 'LEICESTER' shoulder title, Loughborough Photographer, pic 135

One Tiger, top left with 3 other soldiers, Loughborough photographer, 3 brothers and father? pic 136

Coalville card, Mounted section? 
 pic 137

Arthur Bee Photographer, Western Rd, Leicester, pic 138

Soldier and his wife/sweetheart, Hinckley photographer, pic 139

Pic 140

Pic 141

On the reverse - "the only photo I have of recent ,  the front as can be seen - "yours truly . Dick . Arthur.  On the reverse, a name - Dick Allen - Poss Richard C Allen, 11627, discharged 23/2/19, served with Service battalion,, who is 'Yours truly' and Arthur, pic 142

A Langley-On-Tyne photographer, message reads "ones heart does ache just now when we think he is not to come home" Was this soldier killed or simply had his leave cancelled? 
pic 143

Two wound stripes and a good conduct stripe for this soldier,  pic 144

This man wears a MM , Military medal ribbon and photographer of Reading, who is this brave soldier, pic 145

Humberstone road, Leicester Photographer, pic 146

This Corporal has a very soft complexion, photographer of Stafford, pic 147

A Sheffield card, pic 148

This brave soldier is wearing 3 wound stripes, pic 149

A group of 3 territorials , pic 150

A wonderful and unusual background of sitting on a ship whilst at sea, does anybody recognise this territorial,
 pic 151

Two images of the same soldier, one a large painted framed image by Parker Herbert of Hinckley and a standard postcard also by Parker Herbert, it would be great to finally identify this soldier, pic 152

I recognise both of these officers but just cant quite put a name to them currently, Officer on the left if a Captain, to his right is a 2nd Lieutenant with specs on, this is from a large framed group photo of around 150 Leicesters, some with 8th Battalion arm patches, many territorials, a real mixed bunch, pic 153

These 3 cards are all related, this soldier with his legs crossed clearly has 'T5' shoulder titles and I have a few images of the same man including the next group image, pic 154

This group image of territorials has the soldier from the left image (2nd from right kneeling) and the soldier  back right is the same soldier from the next card (on the right) A Hinckley photographer, pic 155

The soldier on the right is the soldier on the previous card, again I have many images of this man, he wears a 1st Volunteer battalion belt buckle so a pre war regular? Who are these two men? pic 156

A Barnards Castle photographer, the 10th reserve were stationed there from June 1915 Pic 157

Who is this Tiger with a monobrow
Pic 158

Pic 159

Excellent card of two soldiers both wearing a arm patch for the 8th Battalion, brothers or pals? Pic 160

Pic 161

Great image of a tiger with  a Lee Enfield rifle and the hooked quillon bayonet, a St Albans photographer so 2/4th, 2/5th, posted to Miss G. Hurst, 3 Belgrave Rd, Leicester. Pic 162 

No clues on this card.               Pic 163

Photographer J.A. Stephenson of Huddersfield                             Pic 164

Photographer of Middlesborough - Seamans Studios                   Pic 165

 This soldiers wears a marksmans badge on his sleeve, Photographer - Strand Studios, Hanley.    Pic 166

This lovely image of a sergeant at his wedding? is by Fisher of Leicester, reverse has "To Maud from Maggie and Charlie"                                                                Pic 167

This man has a gap in his front teeth, no other clues.                          Pic 168

Photographer of Derby, Marksmans sleeve badge.   Pic 169

Just visible is a wound and a good conduct stripe, Photographer of Huddersfield.                      Pic 170

Territorial, walking stick, wounded?                                                                Pic 171

Alan Rufford photographer - Nottingham, 4th / 5th  Btn     Pic 172

   Gales studios card.               Pic 173

  Group of Territorials wearing P14 leather equipment.                                                                                                          Pic 174

Another from 4th / 5th Btn.     Pic 175

Territorial wearing P14 belt.     Pic 176

Territorial wearing P14 Leather equipment and a Imperial Service badge.                                     Pic 177

It would be great if anybody recognises this family, a Heawood & Co, Hinckley card.   Pic 178

Nice group image, Photographer - Baxters of Hinckley, all the soldiers are wearing the 1st battalion Volunteer belt buckles which became 4th & 5th Battalions, i would say Pre war.                                                                                                                   Pic 179

Simpson & Son, Wharf rd, Grantham so could be 3/4th or 4/5th as they were stationed there in 1916 or seeing as he doesn't have the territorial badge possibly a Grantham man.   Pic 180

Two Territorial L/Corporals and a non Territorial  serjeant .             Pic 181

Mossman, Leicester photographer, 4th / 5th Btn.                                     Pic 182

I would really like to identify these two soldiers, purchased at a Leicester auction, the chap on the left is 11th battalion Leicestershire regiment and the one on the right is South Staffordshire regiment, i believe these to be brothers and possibly both casualties because of the large framed image.                                          Pic 181

Lovely clear card of a young soldier, a Walsall photographer                 Pic 182

Pic 183

With best wishes to George from Arthur, who is Arthur?            Pic 184