This image came with the next image (pic 402) so possibly family, this soldier is a territorial and a Leicester photographer                                 Pic 401

Same family as previous card, or mates?                                            Pic 402

A 'Barton' Leicester photographer                                                           Pic 403

A studio image                            Pic 404

This soldier wears a imperial service badge and a 1st Volunteer battalion belt buckle                                       Pic 405

A Humberstone, Leicester photographer, he wear a black 'Mourning button' so has lost a close family member in the war       Pic 406

This card is written on the reverse 'Marcus at boarding school, Officers Training Corps, Market Bosworth'  I believe this could be 'Marcus John Stanley Dyson' who served as 2nd Lieutenant with the 5th and 6th battalions and then went on to serve with the 21 London regiment, his brother fell on the 1st day of the Somme, but i am not 100% certain, any help would be appreciated, please get in touch                      Pic 407

'Mark' Not the most common of names                                                             Pic 408

A Manchester photographer                                                            Pic 409

Pic 410                                   

Morbi in sem

Pic 410

A nice set of 3 of the same officer, a 2nd Lieutenant, the first image is postcard format and gives us a clue that he is from South London, the photographer - The Wykeham Studios Ltd, 304 High Holborn, Balham, Streatham & C