Unknown Leicesters 3

Four soldiers, front left has two wound stripes and a service stripe, both men on the right have 'LG' Lewis gunner sleeve badges. Pic 301

Great card of 5 Leicesters, a array of insignia, wound stripe, overseas service stripes etc, top right has a 'mourning' button. Pic 302

This Tiger has a wound stripe and has the name 'Charlie' to the reverse.
 Pic 303

Right arm has a overseas service stripe. Pic 303

Harvey Earnshaw photographer, New Walk, Leicester. Pic 304

Photo by Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley and Melton Mowbray. Pic 305

Pic 306

Walter Bale - Kibworth Photographer.
Pic 307

Photo by Horace Dudley. Pic 308

A poor quality image but still a recognisable face? Pic 309

Another young soldier of the Leicesters.
Pic 310

A lovely group image of young Leicesters, apart from the cap badges, no other insignia.  Pic 311

Three soldiers in camp, the middle one is a Corporal, all are wearing their bayonets, rifles are in the background (bottom right) Pic 312

Large group image with most wearing the slide on 'Leicester' shoulder insignia, on the reverse - "Kneeling far left - John Howard Smith" who is this soldier?  Pic 313

A Sergeant and his men, some wearing Marksman sleeve badges, does anybody recognise any of these men. Pic 314

This Corporal wears a battle patch top left sleeve.  Pic 315

This Tiger is named on the reverse -  A. Robinson, there are a few men by this name, maybe someone knows this soldier.  Pic 316

  **IDENTIFIED** Thanks to the regimental website: Augustus Hugh Thompson, 20896, 9th Battalion, KIA 14/7/16 in attack on Bazentin-Le-Petit. From Earl Shilton, Leic.  Pic 317

Harvey Earnshaw ,Leicester photographer, note the black  'Mourning' button. Pic 318

This soldier wears a yellow battalion patch on his collar for the 9th battalion.
Pic 319

This Tiger has a notable dimple in his chin, do you recognise? Pic 320

This soldier has a dark square battalion patch on his collar, could be black, green or red so 6th,7th or  8th battalion,  also note the winter 'Gor Blimey' cap, his sweetheart also wears a Tigers sweetheart badge on her neck. Reverse mentions 'Pearl and John'
Pic 321

Does anybody recognise this 7th battalion soldier with a great moustache ? Card from Andover 1915, " To my dear little Jack from uncle Charley. Pic 322

Two more Tigers with a dark battalion patch on their collars, could be 6th, 7th or 8th battalions,  Soldier standing wear the simplified tunic.  Pic 323

This soldier wears a wound stripe
Pic 324

Although not territorial cap badges, the photographer of Bury St Edmunds so 2/4th, 2/5th battalions as based that area 8/1915 - 4/1916 . Pic 325

A territorial and photographer of Humberstone rd, Leicester.  Pic 326

Territorial Badge.  Pic 327

A photographer of 'Louth' so 3/4th, 3/5th  Battalion as they were based there for a short period.  Pic 328

A lance corporal with a territorial cap badge, recognise this Tiger?  Pic 329

Three Leicesters overseas - Carte Postale, wearing what looks like the orange battalion sleeve patch for the 8th Battalion.
Pic 330

Marked to the front 'Your old friend George, 21-11-16 and a Loughborough photographer, does anybody know this George from Loughborough?  Pic 331

A clear 'T4' shoulder title.  Pic 332

Photographer of Louth so 3/4th or 3/5th battalion.  Pic 333

Territorial battalion, photographer - Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley & Melton Mowbray.  Pic 334

Another territorial with a 'T4' or 'T5' on his shoulder, a Loughborough photographer.   Pic 335

A territorial, photographer  - John Cox, Narboro Rd, Leicester.   Pic 336

Artur Bee photographer, Western Rd, Leicester, Territorial badge.  Pic 337

A young Tiger with his father, he wears a marksmans badge and a Lewis gunners badge on his sleeve photographer of Settle, North Yorkshire.                          Pic 338

Pic 339

A photographer of Huddersfield, this soldier wears the 'pull on' shoulder titles and wears a simplified tunic.      Pic 340

A Derby photographer, this Leicester wears a marksmans sleeve badge.      Pic 341

Photographer of Sheffield, York and Harrogate.                                Pic 342

This man has a good old fashioned moustache and wears the simplified tunic, a Aldershot photographer.         Pic 343


Lovely family image with the daughter wearing the trench cap, a Rochdale photographer. Pic 344

Marksman sleeve badge. Pic 345

Burton on Trent photographer, battle patch top left sleeve and signallers sleeve badge. Pic 346

Carte Postale, so overseas. Pic 347

A Huddersfield photographer. Pic 348

As with the previous card, this is also a Huddersfield photographer, this man also wears a Scout trade badge.Pic 349

Pollard Graham, Friar Lane , Derby photographer. Pic 350

This card is marked 'J. O. 28/9/18' who is this Tiger with these initials?          Pic 351

This tiger has a walking stick so wounded?  No other clues. Pic 352

This soldier wears the slip on 'Leicester' shoulder titles. Pic 353

A nice 'In camp' card'.  Pic 354

The collar patch looks to be orange so 9th battalion.     Pic 355

Excellent clear image but no clues    Pic 356

Photographer - S.S.Harrison of 11 Westgate St, Bath                      Pic 357

A smiling face makes a nice change,  photographer - Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley & Melton Mowbray.    Pic 358

A rather tanned looking soldier.        Pic 359

Arthur Bee photographer, Leicester Pic 360

This older soldier looks to be wearing ribbons for the great war victory and war medal, and 4th/5th battalion.Pic 361

A Liverpool photographer, 4th/5th battalion                       Pic 362

No clues to this young soldier, Gale studios, Nationwide        Pic 363

This came with the card to the left, Pic 363, both Gale studios photographer, same soldier??                                          Pic 364

This soldier has 3 overseas service chevrons, a good conduct stripe, a wound stripe, a drummers sleeve badge and battalion patch on collar, either red or green so 7th /8th. Pic 365

This drummer has the orange collar battalion patch of the 9th battalion.Pic 366

4th / 5th Battalion                    Pic 367

A Territorial                                Pic 368

A Fantastic image, proudly showing of his 303 Lee Enfield rifle             Pic 369

A L/Cpl and just visible under a glass is a battalion patch, top of sleeve, so a service Btn, 6/7/8/9th, photographer of Leek, Staffs                                     Pic 370

The only clue to this soldiers identification is that his name is Percy...... Does anybody recognise Percy                        Pic 371

Nice image, bottom left has in pencil 'Johnson'                                           Pic 372

Who is this wounded Tiger in hospital blues?                                                  Pic 373

A older Corporal                           Pic 374

Pic 375

Pic 376

Territorial badge and shoulder title.     Pic 377

A lovely clean sharp card of a Corporal, Heawood of Hinckley & Melton  Mowbray photographer.              Pic 378

Remembrances card, so casualty? 11th battalion, Liverpool photographer         Pic 379

This soldier wears a black 'mourning' button for a fallen family member        Pic 380

Great image dated 1915 to rear, soldier wears a 'Gor blimey' cap             Pic 381

Unusual studio card, only clue is that he wears a territorial badge       Pic 382

Dark collar patch so 6th or 8th battalion, simplified tunic         Pic 383