Unknown Tigers -  Page 2, can you identify?

A Loughborough family below over 3 images. the single image the soldier has a non territorial cap badge, in the family image he now has a territorial badge and shoulder titles as does his brother. The image of the four men in uniform, there are two territorials, a Leicestershire Yeomanry trooper and a uniform of the Royal Flying Corps, these images came from a album that included two images of a George Henry Mills, 82657, RFA, Died of wounds 29/5/17, residence, Moor lane,Loughborough, ive looked up Mills and he did have 3 brothers but to young to serve, does anybody recognise this family?

A nice groups shot with service stripes, a wound stripe etc, soldier top right has a black mourning button for a losr relative, pic 201

Carte Postale, France, pic 202

'Your affectionate brother, Arthur'
A Leeds and Bradford photographer, marksman arm badge, pic 203

Here are two great cards of husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, bother/sister both dressed in the same uniform, note the good conduct stripe, wound stripe and battalion patch, also the Signallers arm band

 pic 204

Rear of the card has 'from Joe, to Carrie'   Miss Carrie Spencer, Tanners Lane, Hathern, Loughborough. Carrie died in 1933 still named Spencer, I guess that 'Joe' was a boyfriend, pic 205

Nice clear card, Leeds photographer, pic 206

Three soldiers with signaller arm badges, pic 207

Soldier with a dog and a fag, pic 208

Louth and Mablethorpe photographer, 3/4 & 3/5 were stationed there.           pic 209

Photo by Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley and Melton Mowbray, pic 210

A Leicester photographer, note the darkened button, 2nd one down, a mourning button for a lost relative, 
pic 211

Pic 212

This soldier looks to be a bit of a unit, pic 213

Carte Postale, France, pic 214

Brothers? certainly look the same, photo by Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley and Melton Mowbray, seated soldier has 3 service stripes, a good conduct stripe and Lewis Gunners badge, pic, on the reverse 'Walter Chamberlain & bro', I cant find Walter and his brother? pic 216

Hinckley Road, Leicester photographer, pic 217

A Walsall photographer, pic 218

On the rear - 'Bert'  pic 219

L/Cpl with a wound stripe and 3 service stripes, also a medal pair ribbon, pic 220

A excellent clear card, Hinckley photographer, pic 221

A Leicester photographer, pic 222

Yours sincerely 'Ted' a Loughborough photographer, pic 223

A lovely card with clues, Photographer Sankey Bros -  Handsworth, Birmingham. Church Gresley, Derbyshire and Ashby-De-La Zouch. "with love to mother and dad, from Tom, Phyl and your grandson Geoffrey" anybody? pic 224

Large photo , Officer in the centre is a Lieutenant Colonel, to his right is a Captain, to the right of the captain the man wears a medal ribbon, one of which looks to be a DCM, one man has a 'Gor blimey' cap so 1915 or after,  pic 225

Simplified tunic jacket, Humberstone Rd, Leicester photographer, pic 226

This tall looking soldier has a bandsman badge and photographer of Kibworth, reverse has 'from Lily' 
pic 227

Edgeware Rd, W2 Photographer, jacket has 3 years service stripes and 3 wound stripes, pic 228

New Walk, Leicester photographer, 
pic 229

Photographer - Richards, Kings road, Newark.                                     pic 230

MM, Military medal winner, who is this brave soldier, pic 231

Oakham photographer, pic 232

++IDENTIFIED ++ Pte 17729, Harry Wooten, 2nd Battalion, KIA 8th March 1916, Age 18, in a attack on the Turkish held 'Dujaila Redoubt' Mesopotamia. From Loughborough, pic 233

This Leicester and Scottish regiment man are both POW,s, on the rear is 'Gottingen' pic 234

This man is also on the image below ( top left ) it would be great to identify after all these years, photographer of Newbridge, County Kildare, the 2/5th went to Ireland in 1916 to quell the troubles there.  pic 235

Nice clear card. marked 1st,2nd or 3rd Btn? pic 236

A fantastic card marked 'NCOs, D coy, 2/5th Leicest, Reg, photo taken in St Albans where the 2/5th were stationed from July 1915 to April 1916 before heading to Ireland. Of interest, back row, 4th from the left is Thomas Marston who was awarded to MM - Military medal and two bars, does anybody recognise any faces? pic 237

This card and the one to the right are both taken in Bury St Edmunds so 2/4th or 2/5th being stationed at St Albans, pic 238

Interestingly on the reverse of this card and the one to the left  there is a number to order more copies, one card is No;2683, the other, No:2684, I am certain these are not the same soldier (different caps to start with) so they must have walked in together, pic 239

Photographer of Rugeley, the 10th battalion were at Rugeley Camp, Cannock chase in late 1915, cant make out the writing at the bottom of the card,
pic 240

11th battalion, Midland Pioneers, Frank Sproston photographer, Hinckley rd, pic 241

A young looking Tiger, pic 242

A wounded Tiger, pic 243

Another wounded Tiger, Loughborough photographer, 

pic 244

Over the next bunch of images I have cards of unidentified officers, 2 Leic officers here, pic 245

A Territorial officer, with a 'T' under his collar badges, Granby St, Leicester photographer, pic 246

This seated officer looks to have 3 pips on his shoulder boards, so a Captain, this is a cropped photo, what you cant see is two ladies with bouquets of flowers so im guessing a wedding, the reverse is hand written 'Laurel Grove, August 7th - 1918' pic 247

Photographer of 'Freckleton' this is a town on the Flyde coast of Lancashire, pic 248

Excellent image of a Territorial officer with the 'T' below his collar badges, photographer Frank Brown of Leicester, pic 249

One of my favourite cards, very clear and detailed, another Territorial with the 'T' under the collar badge and photographer - Ramsden, Granby St, Leicester, I would really like to see this Tiger identified, pic 250

As the last image, another Territorial officer and same 'Ramsden' of Granby St, Leicester photographer, pic 251

A cropped image of a bunch of officers taken in France/Belgium, others are mostly Artillery, I love that they all have muddy boots, pic 252

Another cropped image, 4 officers, Captain - Leic reg, Major - West Yorks, Captain - Dorsets and a Lieutenant - Monmouthshire reg, the reverse is written 'Somewhere in France' pic 253

A Lieutenant, rear marked '1917' pic 254

** IDENTIFIED ** Thanks to Andrew Waddington, a relative, this is 2Lt John Charles Bush, DCM, 7th Battalion, Born Ashby De La Zouch.                                                               pic 255

Very large image on card that I would imagine used to be framed, a L/Cpl, I usually find images this large tend to be casualties, was he ? pic 256

Territorial cap badge and Frank Sproston photographer of Hinckley road, Leicester, pic 257

A large card image that used to be framed and hung on a families wall, anybody seen this before? pic 258

Another ex - framed card image, a older looking serjeant, 

pic 259 

A really nice enhanced image of a young looking Tiger,as with the last few images, this used to be framed and a possible casualty, pic 260

Territorial                                      Pic 261

Territorial                                     Pic 262

Territorial, Williams photographer of Granby St, Leicester                  Pic 263

Territorial                                     Pic 264

4th Bnn, Horace Dudley photographer of West Bromich.                 Pic 265

Territorial                                     Pic 266

A Leicester photographer and Leicester family, mother and father with 5 sons and two daughters? 4 sons in uniform, 3 serving with the Leicesters, possibly the 4th son to, the father is a serving Police officer with the number B164 ' , does anybody know where or how to trace the officer with that number?                 Pic 267

Another territorial, Photographer - Heawood, Leicester, Hinckley and Melton Mowbray                 Pic 268

 Territorial                                   Pic 269

A Territorial group, Details on the reverse - Mr (or mrs?) Riddock, Victoria St, Dyce, AberdeenPic 270

A nice group image of Territorials, a Cpl, a L/Cpl and a Serjeant in the mix, any recognisable faces?                            Pic 271

Swagger stick and great 'tache' Pic 272

Another Territorial, message on reverse reads "For mrs Ruffe" Pic 273

A L/Cpl Territorial wears a 1st Volunteer battalion belt buckle, he has a noticeable dimple in his chin, Photographer - Arthur Wells, Moseley Rd, Birmingham                       Pic 274

A excellent 'drawn' framed image of a officer, it would be nice if anybody recognized the soldier.                                 Pic 275